Treatment Rooms

Holistic Halo Salt Spa has four treatment rooms with something for everyone.

Halotherapy Salt Rooms

Salt Box Private Session Room

Do you love playing in the sand and breathing in the salty air when you visit the beach? The Salt Box Room is the next best thing, bringing a little bit of the beach feeling to North East Ohio. This room features over 2000 pounds of pure Himalayan salt, on the floor. Play in the salt, for a sensory treat in our pleasant beach themed salt box.

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. One price for 1 adult and all children of the same family. The private sessions last 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Please arrive 10 minutes early for the check in process as the sessions start on time. To maximize therapy the door should remain shut during the session. Bring socks. You may get salt on your clothing but it will easily dust off. No food or drink is permitted in this room. Appointment is recommended however last minute reservations may be available.

Adult only sessions are offered in this treatment room as well. The beach backdrop creates a zen-like experience with a salty sensory flair.

Relaxation Salt Room

Do you love to sit back and relax while listening to beautiful spa music and “checking out” from all of the stresses of life? The Relaxation Salt Room is a restful respite for adults. Whether you want to relax, meditate, or take a nap this place is for you. This room features a beautiful backlit Himalayan salt brick wall, sunset mural, a heated floor and is dimly lit. Complementary water or gourmet tea is offered. Blankets upon request.

These sessions last 45 minutes. Please arrive 10 minutes early for the check in process as the sessions start on time. To maximize therapy the door must remain shut during the session. Wear comfortable clothing. Appointment is recommended however last minute reservations may be available.

This room is also the site of our Couples Massages, Individual Massages and Facials during select times, Yoga, Meditation, Sound Bath and other special services. Make it special with enjoying one of these sessions while receiving Halotherapy. We are the only Spa in the area to offer this option!

Individual Treatment Rooms

Tranquility for One Room

Are you looking for the peace and tranquility of a one-on-one spa treatment? Our individual treatment room offers privacy for therapeutic massage and facials. Hot salt stone massage is our specialty. You will enjoy the relaxing spa music and Himalayan salt features that are not only a visual delight but are producing negative ions to clean the air and make you feel better.

Please see our menu of services offered to book your appointment.

Sanctuary Infrared Sauna Room

Do you love feeling the warmth of the sun and relaxing while reading a book or listening to music? The Infrared Sauna Room features a private changing area and the wooden sauna unit itself. The sauna offers beautiful lighting, color light therapy (chromotherapy) and full spectrum infrared. Himalayan Salt Chunks are in the Sauna to help release negative ions and additional benefits. You are provided with water, a cool towel to wipe off with and a towel to wrap in. Speakers in the Sauna are connected to a tablet with commercial free Pandora, that you control, for your favorite music.

Sessions 30 to 45 minutes. You have the option to add on a friend or family member to your session for an additional fee. Appointment is required however last minute reservations may be available.

What to expect in our Salt Rooms

  • A Halogenerator is pumping micro-ground dry salt particles into the rooms. You may hear a slight hum of the generator. Relaxing music is playing in the room.

  • Use of electronic devices, of any type, is not permitted in the Salt Rooms. The salt can be corrosive to the devices and they can be distracting to those relaxing.

  • It is best to not bring in any valuables however you may bring them the room during your session.

  • Blankets are available as the rooms sometimes can feel cool although we maintain a room temperature in the 70's.

  • Special sessions are offered in each room including yoga, meditation, and seminars. Check our schedule for these events.

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